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21 February 2011 @ 11:20 pm

  1. INFORM PEOPLE - Write op-eds and letters to the editor to your local newspapers. Blog about it. Use twitter, include #Libya hashtag.

  2. SUPPORT NEWS MEDIA THAT IS DOING COVERAGE OF LIBYA - CLICK CLICK CLICK on news articles! And comment on them! And share them on Facebook, on Twitter, on Tumblr. This is how news media thrives. It’s a sad reality, but clicks and comments encourage editors to cover a stort more. Tweet “Thanks” to Anderson Cooper, AlJazeera, etc. Send them thank you letters.

  3. SIGN THESE PETITIONS: BP, Pull out of Libya now! (Change.org);Sanctions to stop Libya crackdowns (Change.org); Send help to Libya! (PetitionOnline)

  4. GO TO LOCAL SOLIDARITY PROTESTS - The Libyan people think no one outside cares about them. Sending them photos and videos of supporters would bring up morale. If there are no protests planned for your city, plan one! Stage one in your University’s free speech zones!

  5. DISSEMINATE ONLINE RESOURCES - There is a lot of helpful, crowd-sourced material online right now. Like this crowd-sourced list of the dead. Or this number for free unmonitored Internet. Or eventhese instructions on how to control bleeding of a wound.

  6. MIRROR VIDEOS - Many videos are being taken down- especially Facebook videos. If you know how to, mirror the video, upload it yourself.

  7. TRANSLATE - If you know Arabic, help translate things like tweets, videos, audio, etc. The more people this information is accessible to, the better.

  8. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL STATESMEN AND WOMEN - Tell them you want the U.S. to acknowledge what’s happening in Libya. Tell them you want them to call for the resignation of Gaddafi. Tell them you want them to send aid to Libya. Tell them to support freedom. Tell them to support democracy. Tell them to freaking CONDEMN THIS MASSACRE. Look here and here.

  9. SEND AID - Muslims Without Borders is organizing a medical convoy from Alexandria, Egypt to Libya. Send them money “earmarked” for Libya.

  10. Other organizations where your donations or time could potentially do some good (sorry no links since I’m reblogging from my phone):

Amnesty International (on Twitter as @amnesty; if you’re in the US you might be interested in this tumblr: aiusayouth.tumblr.com)

Avaaz.org (on Twitter as @avaaz)

Due to the reprehensible lack of attention US news gives to the events in Libya and Bahrain, I get most of my information from Twitter, especially: @arabist, @sultanalqassemi, @ajenglish, @ajarabic, and by watching the hashtags: #Libya, #Bahrain, and #Feb17.

In my job, I’m intimately aware of how much Western governments and business entities place a lot more value on their social media profile than they want to let on. So if you’re on Twitter or Facebook, don’t be shy about expressing your opinion about the groups and states who are refusing to sever ties with Qaddafi’s regime, who are still exporting weapons there, who are caving to Qaddafi’s government’s demands that they stay silent or risk severing already tenuous diplomatic channels. What’s happening in Libya (and Bahrain to a lesser extent) is nothing short of massacre - let BP and the US State Department and everyone else hear your anger and frustration. Be loud, and yell it far and wide

+1 202-944-9601
Number for the Libyan Embassy in Washington D.C
Please give it a call and demand a stop to the massacres.

All above information has come from various places around Tumblr. [via KIMS]
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Lenka: [VOCALOID] ★ Just Be Friendsshang_mei on February 22nd, 2011 02:24 am (UTC)
Por favor, gente, ayuden a expandir este tema, por favor, péguenlo en sus LJ, aquí tiene las instrucciones para poder hacer un post similar. Ayudemos aunque sea un poco y difundamos esto.


♔ chizurulaska_searcher on February 22nd, 2011 03:08 am (UTC)